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Teaching Children To Tie Their Shoes

I personally have always tied my own shoes the "wrong" way: by making two loops and then tying them. I think this way actually works best for teaching kids, though.

You can see it demonstrated step-by-step at Two Lace Shoelace Knot at a fascinating place called Ian's Shoelace Site.

For parents just beginning this adventure, the important thing is to remember that it's just like anything else we teach children: we have to take something we've done automatically and easily for years and analyze it, breaking it down into teensy tiny steps. Whatever method you use to teach your children, Ian's Site will help you understand the process thoroughly so that you can pass on this important part of our heritage to your children :)

One idea: before teaching your child to tie his own shoe, use very large shoe with thick shoelaces. Color each side of the shoelace a different color to cut down the confusion as he masters the steps. You might put a special sticker on the shoe for every time he gets it right. This is something you will want him to practice over and over until it becomes automatic.

As he is successful, you can transition to his own laces with his shoe off his foot, then finally while on.

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