Why send your child to preschool to fall in love with a teacher?

Any mom can learn to make the early years a time of learning and love at home!

I was a new mom to Samantha when I read The Absorbent Mind and could see in my daughter's daily development the truth of Maria Montessori's insights into the value of the early years. When I decided to study Montessori, I never dreamed someday I'd be a mother of 12 teaching in a classroom of my own - my home.

Let me share the secrets of your child's heart with you so you too can make the most of these special years. You will discover a child who loves to learn as you discover the teacher inside you - while discovering practical ways to meet your child's needs in a way builds a happier home.

Let the adventure of
learning begin!

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Let the adventure of
reading begin!

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Some of you are here because you're looking for ways to give your children the best start. You can read more about my books and order autographed copies by clicking on the covers above. Or ask your local library to order them.

Moms who already have the MTM books are here for more resources, which you will find by browsing through the tabs above and on the sidebar. Take some time to explore. And keep coming back! Like each of our children - and each of us - this site will always be under construction!

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